It's raining Cards!

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Hello CTIzens!

I'm exited to open the gates to our new and updated CTI-Community page.
Our old page was running on an old phpBB version and it was time to update, sadly the old design is no longer supported nor maintained.
But don't be sad, i invested some money (and a lot of time) to upgrade the page, come up with a new design and a bunch of new features!

It's raining Cards!?
Yes! It is, there are currently > 3000 Cards i collected and they are randomly raining down.
If you this animation takes too much processing power you can disable it at the top left corner.
I will soon add the code that this decision is saved in your preferences too, so you don't have to do it all the time.

We now have our own CTI-Database which will replace the not used cti-booru and our dropbox-repositories for sharing cards within the community. I think this step was very neccessary since many cards where just posted but hardly collected and the old repositories where no longer 'complete'. The new CTI-Database was completely designed and developed by Valuta and me and is 100% integrated into our Forum which is hughe plus i think : )

Every registered user can now upload up to 10 Cards at the beginning and define 1 Card Set.
This was neccessary to prevent spam or abuse of this service and our disc space.
Once you have uploaded a CTI Card it will permanently generate a small amount of Keys for you, everytime a new registered User downloads your Card. At the moment i started with a value of 0.01 Keys but might increase it later on. This might seem to be a small amount first but remember that you usually create a bunch of cards or entire Card Sets.
Off Topic
But what if someone uploads a Card made by me?
Answer: That is totally fine. We also take a look at the author of the Card, if we can find a user with the same Name here he is rewarded too. If your username differs from your actual CTI Card author name you can edit your profile and find a new CTI-DB option which lets you define your CTI author name. Be aware that if we see that you are trying to impersonate an author and steal points you might get banned.
You can also define Card Sets which should help new users having an overview over all the Sets available and their rules, i remember that most of the old rules are hard to find but luckily Inside7 shared old copies with us here. If you define a Card Set you can select if it is open or closed for submissions, meaning that other users can submit Cards under that Card Set. An example for a closed Card Set is the Core Set and an example for an open Card Set is the Supplemental Set.
Submitting open Card Sets should be your usual choice (this is the spirit of CTI) and you will be rewarded too! Everytime a submitted Card under your Card Set is downloaded you earn 10% of the generated Keys, coolio!
I hope this opens place for a small economy here, since i have plans to add some value to keys starting with this update.
If you want to upload more CTI Cards or define more Card Sets you can do so and increase your upload limit using the CTI-Shop.
Don't worry everything in there is using Keys which you can earn by being active here (or creating cards... you see where this goes) : )
 ! Message from: CTI-Tan-Chan
Please do no longer upload Cards directly to a post!
Use the CTI-DB and integrate the download link in an image tag.
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Restrictions & Values:
  • 10 Cards per registered user
  • 1 Card Set per registered user
  • Cards and partically Sets too, can only be edited 1 week after creation, afterwards they are locked.
  • Every download generated 0.01 Keys for you, once for every registered user.
  • You earn 10% of they Keys generated for submitted cards under your Card Set.
  • Moderators and Admins have unlimmited volume
  • You can increase your upload limit by +10 Cards for 5 Keys.
  • You can increase your definition limit by +1 Card Sets for 10 Keys.
  • Upload Cards
  • Define Card Sets
  • Download Cards
  • Download Logos
There is still much to do!
But in the future there will be CTI 2 Cards here too including the source code!
CTI 2 Cards or Sets are often a lot of work and can thus have the option to be unlocked with Keys, which will put more value to Keys.

Future Features:
  • Batch Download
  • Extra earning bonus for Card Sets
  • Automated Card uploads from 0131's Card Creator
  • Better filtering for Cards
  • Add a Tag-Definition menu
  • Add Admin logs
  • Online Card Creator (maybe)
Something Personal
I've started working on full time meanwhile. It's not that bad but it eats a lot of time and motivation and managing soo many projects (CTI, Purify, ... and other non kinky stuff ) is very exhausting. But working on these projects is also a lot of fun and maybe if i'm very lucky i can one day earn my living from it. I want to thank everyone helping with these projects and everyone supporting me till now! = )
In the future i will try to make the support through patreon more appealing with some actual rewards like free Keys to unlock desired Cards, Sets or features if you are too lazy to earn them the hard way. Don't worry, i'm not a fan of paywall nor pay to win so everything here, at least from me, is unlockable without spending actual money if you don't want to. Only for actual goods like T-Shirts or other merchandize i might take a few bucks, of course x )

If you like this project and want to contribute visit my patreon page : )

Please be aware that there are still many open holes here which i have to fix, the page might spit out some errors, esp. when i'm working on it during the next months.
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Great! Thank you for making this happen!
Created software for the community!
Created software for the community!
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It's all looking very spiffy! Can't wait for July to come, so I can invest some time in this great community again!
Always watching.
Created software for the community!
Created software for the community!
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The raining card banner is amazing. This is a great work 0131. Lots of thanks \o/
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oh wow this looks a lot better o.o. love the new design^^
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